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Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) is an important bioenergy crop. A reliable and efficient transformation method is required to assist with molecular breeding of this crop. After cocultivation with Agrobacterium under optimized conditions, caryopsis-derived Type I (embryogenic and compact) calli formed herbicide-resistant calli (1st row), which showed GFP-fluorescence (2nd row), and then regenerated transgenic shoots (3rd row). The present method was successfully applied to dierent genotypes, including a major lowland cultivar ‘Alamo’ (left), another lowland cultivar ‘Kanlow’ (middle) and a recalcitrant upland cultivar ‘Trailblazer’ (right) (pp. 19–26).
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Japanese Society for Plant Cell and Molecular Biology was established in 1981 as Japanese Society for Plant Tissue Culture, and was changed to the present name in 1995 to reflect its extended activities. Our society supports development of both basic and applied researches in the fields of plant tissue culture, molecular biology and cell technology. To this end, we hope to facilitate exchanges of research information and cooperation among researchers of various disciplines, including basic science, agriculture, pharmacy, and engineering.
Every year we are holding an annual meeting for members and a public forum to help citizens understand plant science and plant biotechnology. We also publish a journal, Plant Biotechnology , four times a year. In addition, we are providing useful up-to-date information on genetically modified plants in our website (domestic only).